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About Us

 Michael Murphy is back in Tucson after hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with his wife, Rachelle, in 2017.  They hiked the 2650-mile hike from Mexico to Canada making it 2200 miles, and ending at the Columbia River on the border of Oregon and Washington.  They were gone from March to November.  They consider Tucson, Az. their home base.

Michael has been a Kinesiologist for over 23 years and designed Radiokinesis in his 20's.  While he was a student he realized there was more to what he was learning.  He designed a way to push subtle energy frequencies through our body with a catalyst being the connection between physical and emotional entrapments and thus was born Radiokinesis.  Many of you have used Energy Movers during a treatment session, and for those of you who have not yet experienced the little glass tubes hurry and make your appointment today! 


Rachelle has multiple degrees from California and Arizona.  Rachelle has searched for alternative medicine modalities and fell in love with kinesiology when she met Michael.  Being sensitive to energy is a soft place she feels familiar with as she was taught to be in tune with the spirit.  Rachelle has worked with children since before she was a teenager, and her love for youth developed while a youth herself. 


Rachelle and Michael have 5 daughters between them, and an extraordinary love story everyone wants to hear.  They have been married for 2 awe-inspiring years and look forward to life and its blessings everyday.  They have developed a love for hiking and nature and family.  While on their hike they had a lot of time to think about new ways to incorporate energy by being able to absorb energy from their surroundings.  Leaving the PCT, they travel all throughout the United States together free from the bondage to society performing seminars, teaching Radiokinesis, and giving treatment to those drawn in. 

They have learned how to live and love telling their story.