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Dear Friends: 

As you know, I have been telling you about Michael Murphy Radiokinesis for some months now... and have had numerous talks at my house,  and he has been performing miracles since that time actually before that time as well.
Last Saturday, Michael taught some of the basics of kinesiology, and had everyone sitting at the
​ ​
edge  of their seats.   They were also testing each other to see if everyone was balanced,  with the help of a magnet.  It was a time of listening, learning and "doing".   
Of course, there is always a great deal of Magic that occurs when Michael is in the room with his handy massage table.   There was a young man in his late twenties  in attendance -- very bright, very creative, who could not read - and no matter what, he hadn't yet found the door to unlock the way to his freedom.  But, that night it was unlocked - and he was able to read.  
Michael said: "I feel very close to this man, because I couldn't read either until I was 17 years old."   Well, imagine how this young man must have felt when he was able to read, while on the massage table, with several participants holding "points" - and Michael having given him the unique tools of his trade.  He was reading - then he was asked to sing the words, and it came even easier than before those who stutter can sing without stuttering - you've probably
​ ​
heard of that.   
As I sat in the waiting room today, after a session with Michael, a friend of mine, who had brought his daughter, told me that he no longer had diabetes, and that his daughter was no longer depressed after the first session and has been happy ever since.    
Anyhow, magic is in the air!
Bright blessings, Ursela

It all started when I had the opportunity to watch The Michael Murphy in action when he presented a free presentation of his gifts, talents and skills.

His humanitarian goal is to train quality people to learn what he does so that the world can literally be healed.

I was (and still am) overwhelmed with the number of personal sacrifices Michael has done in order to ensure the world become a better place.

I affectionately describe him to others as “Rain Man meets Stephen Hawking”.

He is a brilliant man and one of the best kept secrets in the world.

He should not remain a secret.

Michael is only one of 3 healers who I have allowed to work on me more than 3 times my entire life.

He is direct, brutally honest and forthright, compassionate, brilliant, intuitive and a true healer who wants to ensure that anyone who is in any type of pain whether it be spiritual, emotional, physical or otherwise, is in pain no more.

Since working with Michael, I:

·         have lost weight

·         sleep better and throughout the entire night

·         have more energy that lasts throughout the entire day and evening

·         am calmer and feel less anxiety

·         have been making more money

I ask you to challenge yourself to see your life in a way that you have never seen it before by allowing Michael to work with you.

His multi-leveled healing approach based on his studies, talents, experiments and ongoing learning has resulted in thousands of lives being improved, enhanced and enriched.

For once you are healed, others around you become healed.

Find out how and give Michael a call.

Your life has just changed.

Rev. Veronica L. Phillips, B.A.,P.H.M, M.A.